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The awesome website Ape On The Moon have written a lovely little feature on me:

When thinking of new materials to experiment and work with, electrical tape may not appear on the top of your list. Somewhere down the line, it did for illustrator, Benjamin Murphy. Since using it, he has proved it to be a creative and versatile material, especially in translating his black and white, atmospheric style.

By applying, cutting away, and using negative space, he produces large murals on walls and windows. His work has been gaining a lot of interest from cafe and bar spaces, so keep your eyes peeled for his tape drawings around town!
In his own words, Benjamin describes what he does, “I use black (and sometimes white) electrical tape to create large-scale drawings on walls and windows. My work is often slightly cryptic and sinister, with hints of narrative that is never fully explained”.
“I use the strips of tape to create line drawings, often cutting the tape to different thicknesses to create built-up and detailed images.”

See the full article [HERE]

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