Footasylum have made a little edit of the drawings I did for them and it's super good. Check it out [HERE].

(Big thanks to RVRT, Dan, and Ciaran.)

 So today is my first full day back in London, and I the first thing I did was take down my exhibition at Freud London. It is now dead.
  Whilst taking it down I caught a glimpse of the new work being hung by a French artist Antoine Paris (real name/ alias). It's pretty interesting work, bright expressionism that at the time made me think of Noel Fielding's paintings. I've since Googled Noel's work and they're nothing alike. What was I thinking.

  I'm sat in a lovely little cafe/ bike shop called lookmumnohands! with wet socks and an iced latte sending out proposals. Life is good :)

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