[80's Inspired Relentless]

[Drawn with electrical tape - click photo to enLARGE]

  I was contacted a while ago to do these 80s inspired pieces and so my first thought was Adam Ant and Michael Jackson. Obviously.
  They are drawn onto two sheets of clear perspex (they still have the white backing paper on for protection), and are drawn in reverse so that they can be hung and the tape be on the inside. I'll try get some photos of them on location after the courier has been to pick them up.

  In other news, I'm doing some artwork at [The Acoustic Festival of Britain] in a few weeks, which is going to be good because other than me there will also be John Cooper Clarke and The Animals.
 They sent out an email mentioning me a while back, see if you can spot any mistakes

Still, can't complain about a bit of free publicity ;)

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