So number two in Scraffer.com's affordable print

series is this one by me :) Following on from the first one by DSCREET, they will be releasing a new affordable print every month or so. This one is by me. 

ONLY £15!!!!

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Benjamin Murphy – Riso Revue Print #002

We are pleased to announce that the second in our new series of affordable Risograph prints is by Benjamin Murphy, a young whippersnapper particularly keen on working with electrical tape. His work ethic is akin to that of The Beatles circa 1963-66.
The Riso Revue Society is a new outlet for a series of prints released by Scraffer and Colour Format. A new one will be released every month, with the ethos of the series being to produce high quality Risograph prints which will be available for less than a pony each.
Risograph is a Japanese printing process that dates back years. It is basically a screenprint that's been produced by a machine. The finished product has all of the traits of a screen print, but we can bring them to you at a much lower price.
The print is 29.7 x 29.7cm and printed onto 170gsm paper.
Each print is hand signed with electrical tape and numbered from an edition of 100.
The cart system only allows for UK orders. For international orders, please email george@scraffer.com.

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