[Relentless Freeze Festival]

Im doing some artwork at [Relentless Freeze festival] in London in a few weeks, which I am very excited about. This will be the third festival I have done for the same company (the others being Boardmasters and Nass).

This is what they said about my work:

"Ben Murphy works with original media and considerable skill to create drawings full of character. With so many illustrators working within the same field of media, techniques, subject matter and format it is refreshing to see an artist work in such an interactive and large scale way while using the most unusual of media. Ben bridges the gap between the street artists born from the graffiti era and the educated artists and illustrators working in studios. Bringing his work out to the public at our events has brought something completely unique, enchanting our audience, while one also feels Ben communicates and expresses something of the private world inside his mind. 
The response has been very positive and never fails to interest and attract people. His work is both unique and adaptable and we find he fits in at all of our three events, despite the fact they have very different audiences. As an individual I think Ben is a talented artist as well as a thinker with a great vision and idea of what he wants to communicate. We are looking forward to Ben's participation in The Freeze Festival in London and are enjoying working with him very much."

Isn't that lovely.

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  1. Ben, what a fantastic recommendation. So proud of you
    Anna xx