[Ei8ht Exhibition Photos]

  The Ei8ht Exhibition's private view went really well on thursday, loads of people turned up and everyone seemed to have a good night, encouraged by the free wine and beer.
  Unfortunately I forgot to charge my camera so I didn't even get one photo of the night before it died on me. I did take lots of photos on Ruth's camera though, so I'll upload them as soon as I've got them.

  For this exhibition I wanted to do something a little different, so I decided to tape onto glass frames, and then flip the glass in the frame so that the tape is then on the inside, and the image is reversed. This gives a slightly different aesthetic to tape seen from the front, which I'm still experimenting with, and as yet are unsure of.
  It also means that the works are smaller, and can be sold, which is a bonus.

  The exhibition is on for another few weeks so if you want to check out the other works go to Blankspace Gallery, Hulme Street (off Oxford Road), Manchester.

Electrical tape on glass - click to enLARGE

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