[King Henry's Walk - Dalston]

 Recently I've been tape drawing like a crazy person, all over the place, all the time. This week I was down in Newquay doing another piece for Relentless Boardmasters, which is why I haven't updated in a while. [Here is the one I did for them last year]

Fear not! I have about 3 more pieces that are up in East London and I will put on here in the next few days. Also I'm planning to do 3/4 drawings around London per week.

Keep your eyes peeled. (If you're in that general area. And would like to see some artworks. And have eyes/ face.)

This piece is on King Henry's walk in Dalston, I had permission to do this one and they had to paint over a lovely piece by Ben Slow for me to do it :(
Still, variety is the spice of life etcetc.

Also I've just agreed to take part in an exhibition with some pretty amazing artists, the pressure is on!

[Drawn with electrical tape - click photo to enLARGE]

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