[NERO - Me/ Millo]


Me and My friend Millo decided to do a two person show at Hoxton Gallery in December.
For a whole month we were locked in my studio in Whitechapel painting for 14 hours a day sometimes. Every painting was a collaborative one. We were both super happy with how it went and the show was so busy the gallery extended the show for two more weeks.

A few paintings and prints are still available, email me at benjaminmurphy@live.co.uk, Millo at info@millo.biz or Hoxton Gallery at Kevin@hoxtongallery.com

BIG thanks to

Kevin Martin
Valentine Comar

Pete (A Rave Called Sharon) for spinning some tunes
Kojo for helping hang
Simon Kallas Photography
The Printspace
55 Pages
Rooms Magazine

And everyone else who helped out :)

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